The Jam Session 12- October 1, 2016
at the VFW Post 4639
106 Jesters Lane
Williamsburg, VA

The Jam Session is a relaxed, casual event where local musicians gather to play some of their favorite songs and raise money for our local combat veterans. You can grab the microphone, guitar, bass, etc. and play a tune with other musicians, then walk off to relax, socialize, or talk about music....and then get back up to jam some more.  All talent levels are welcome.  Participants submit a list of songs they would like to play.  The list is compiled and everyone signs up to play on each others tunes.  The Jam Session is not a money-making endeavor.  It was originally created to give those who are not members of a band an opportunity to play with other musicians.  Anyone may attend whether playing or just listening.  All genres and ability levels are welcome. There is no fee, but donations can be made to the  Williamsburg VFW Post 4639.  Food and beverages will be available for purchase.  100% of all money raised goes to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4639.

This is how  it works.  All performing musicians send me 10 songs each would like to perform, numbered in order of preference 1-10. I compile all submitted songs into a spreadsheet and send that back out to everyone. Everyone then signs up to perform on at least 10 other songs and sends that back to me. Signing up for other musicians' songs is important. The Jam Session cannot work unless you sign-up to play others' songs. I create a final list of songs to be performed and send that back out to everyone. It's a process that requires love and patience. What we get is an organized jam session that everyone has thoroughly enjoyed for the past three years. All ability levels are welcome. Only positive attitudes have ever been present. Not one person has walked away with negative feelings about this style of jam session. It is a lot of fun!

We raised about $800 last September and will be looking to surpass that amount.

Participating Musicians:  
Scotty MacBlane, Mike Lombardo, Brian Howard, Kurt Weaver, Robert Jones, Peter Polidori, Madison Kerr, Michael Pedrick, Kris Van Deusen, Dave Piatak, Charles Knight, Eli Knight, Ian Van Deusen, Dave Huffman, Jessica Kotula, Ron Jean, Terri Remillard, Emmanuel Robinson, Ed Owens, and Mike Ribiero.

Participating Bands: C.O.D. Panic Button, Hangar 09, SG, Charles and Eli Knight, and Dave Piatak

4:00 Opening Ceremony (Basically it's just me playing the National Anthem and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance the Flag of the United States of America)
9:00 Official end to the jam session, but not actual

If you have any questions or would like to participate, please email me at or  If you prefer texts, I will give you my phone number in a response to a request for it in an email.

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